About Kelly and Wine Country Motors

Kelly and his wife Laverne live in Sonoma, where they raised their two daughters, Melia and Gillian.

On April 15, 1982, after many years in the auto business, Kelly realized his dream of opening his own auto repair shop. Three decades later, the shop still has many of its original customers and continues to welcome new ones.

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What We Believe

Wine Country Motors believes in service.

Some of you may remember the corner "filling station" where Mom and Dad used to take the family station wagon. When you stopped there, you were immediately surrounded by gas station attendants who checked the oil and water levels, cleaned the windshield, and put air in the tires. These young workers could spot a bald tire in a heartbeat. They knew that their livelihood depended upon keeping your car safe and roadworthy.

At Wine Country Motors, we combine that kind of old-fashioned service with modern technology. We listen to our customers, inspect the vehicle, and then provide no-nonsense advice regarding its proper care. We do not advise any services beyond what is right for your car and for your needs.

We are committed to personal service, and we now have the privilege of serving second, and even third, generations of families who trust us to provide quality care for their families.

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Wine Country Motors believes in preventive maintenance.

One of the biggest investments you'll make in your life is the purchase of an automobile. At Wine Country Motors, we can protect your investment by ensuring that your car receives important periodic maintenance. By doing so, we can often catch costly and dangerous problems before they happen.

Wine Country Motors believes in information.

In some ways, our job is more complicated than a physician's, because although the human body remains the same, automotive systems change every year. Providing quality service for the wide range of vehicles on the road today means updating our information constantly.

At Wine Country Motors, we have access to the Alldata and Mitchell databases for the latest in service literature, including factory tech service bulletins and the most recent recall information. If you own a late model car, we can advise you before the repair if there is some factory defect or warranty-related service, so that you can get the best possible value from your visit.

Our estimates are done with the help of our computerized inventory and repair order system, and we can provide written quotes by email for your convenience. All repairs to your vehicle are recorded in our database for future reference.

Wine Country Motors believes in environmental safety.

Wine Country Motors is environmentally aware. All of our used fluids, filters, batteries, and other waste is recycled or disposed of properly, and and reusable chemicals (like coolant or refrigerant) are reused on site with our special recovery and recycling equipment.

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Kelly Dicker, Owner

Kelly Dicker, Wine Country Motors owner

Meet Kelly Dicker, Wine Country Motors' owner. Kelly brings a lifelong passion about cars and a family legacy in the auto business to every job performed by Wine Country Motors.
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